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Monthly Archives - August 2014

45 Tips to Help You Find Your Literary Agent


Harry Bingham

If you make it as a writer, it is highly likely that your relationship with a literary agent will be the most enduring and important of your entire career – so the decisions you make at this stage really matter!

The tips below won’t guarantee you that you find the right agent for you, but if you follow them carefully, they WILL maximise your chances of doing so. Keep reading – and good luck! (more…)

Agents commissions: how they work (and are they worth it?)

Literary agents do not require any kind of upfront fee, any reading fee, or any other charge along those lines. They operate exclusively on the basis of ‘commission’ – that is, they take a percentage of any money they make on your behalf.

Each agency sets their own fees (and these are, in principle, negotiable, though few newbie authors heft to negotiate.) The normal pattern of commission is as follows: (more…)