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Monthly Archives - May 2015

Agent Hunter gets even better

Folks, you wanted it, we’re delivering it.

All you want - in a single bite

All you want – in a single bite

Our agent profiles are already good – of course – but they’ve lacked a bite-size summary up top where you can get a quick one-minute feel for each agent in our database. We’re now in process of changing all that. We’re writing up full profiles of every agent and will post these in chunks directly on the site. (more…)

Meet the Agents: An interview with Michael Alcock

Michael Alcock, literary agent

Michael Alcock, literary agent

 Michael Alcock began his publishing career at Oxford University Press, and was publishing director at Macmillan, Aurum Press and Boxtree before founding his own literary agency in 1997.  Michael Alcock Management merged with John Johnson Authors’ Agents in 2003 to form Johnson & Alcock. The Johnson and Alcock agency home page is here, Michael’s Agent Hunter page is here and his agency bio can be found here. (more…)