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Monthly Archives - June 2015

Meet the Agents: An Interview with Paul Feldstein


Paul Feldstein, Literary Agent

Paul Feldstein, Literary Agent

This is an interview with literary agent Paul Feldstein. Paul  has over 35 years of experience in the publishing industry. Prior to founding the Feldstein Agency with his wife Susan, he was Managing Director of Trafalgar Square, the leading U.S. distributor of U.K. publishers, until the company was sold in 2006 to IPG. In addition to running the distribution company, he started and ran Trafalgar’s own very successful illustrated publishing imprint. He began his 20 years at Trafalgar as Sales & Marketing Director, a role he retained as Managing Director. During his tenure, sales increased ten fold, distribution clients grew from ten to fifty, and Trafalgar’s reputation on both sides of the Atlantic was second to none. The Feldstein Agency page is here, the Feldstein agency twitter feed is here and of course, Paul’s Agent Hunter Profile is here. (more…)