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Do You Love Your Publisher? A survey

Do You Love Your Publisher? A survey

Authors need publishers – but our experiences of the publishing process can be quite mixed.

What’s more, it’s oddly rare for publishers to ask authors, at the end of a particular publishing journey, “How did you find us? What did we do well? What could we have done better?” In my own (17 year, 15+ book) experience, I’ve never meaningfully been asked those questions by a publisher.

So we’re asking you. In conjunction with Jane Friedman in the US, we want to know everything about what authors think about their publishers.

If you are a traditionally published author, whether or not you have also self-published, we invite you to complete the survey that follows.

We have no agenda here aside from a genuine interest in knowing the answers. Your participation will be completely anonymous. We will announce the results in full when the survey closes in four weeks’ time.

And please: we think these questions are important and we solicit your help in spreading the word. Please tell your other author friends about this survey and encourage them to complete it. You can tweet this link – http://tiny.cc/2kmpux – which directs to this page. We’re using the #authorsay hashtag, so please feel free to use that too.

The survey follows. Thank you for participating! Harry Bingham


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  • In desperate need of an agent!!

  • Marion


  • Judith Bruce

    I was a first-time published author in 2013 (paperback 2014). I did not realise I needed to do my own publicity via blogging and twittering et al. (I am 78 years old…) The publishers, Simon & Schuster did not get behind the marketing AT ALL – principally because my editor suffered a traumatic bereavement 6 months after the hardback was published and handed responsibility for my book over to younger, less-experienced people who said they couldn’t “find a hook for it.” Sales languished – and now no other main-stream publisher will touch me as sales figures for my first piece of work were poor! How do you deal with these people? I have been effectively ‘closed down’ when I have only just started! Advice, please. I also need a new agent as mine is 89 and about to retire. He also confesses he ‘cannot sell’ Book No.2……

    Any suggestions out there?


    Judy Bruce
    (blog site – https://jujujudywordpress.com/)