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Monthly Archives - April 2015

Author survey: Society of Authors responds

Nicola Solomon of the Society of Authors

Our survey into what authors thought about the firms that publish them has aroused considerable interest on both sides of the Atlantic. A useful Bookseller article garnered an interesting set of responses, but obviously, for reasons of space, some of those comments were truncated. So here, in full, is the response of Nicola Solomon at the Society of Authors. For what it’s worth, her comments get a thumbs-up from us! (more…)

Grumbling, but not quitting: what authors really think of publishers


At the start of March, Jane Friedman and I launched the English-speaking world’s most comprehensive survey of what authors think of the firms that publish them. We invited the views of traditionally published authors only, whether or not they had also self-published. We sought to create a survey that was both balanced and incisive: one that wouldn’t shirk the questions that matter most to authors. (more…)