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Meet the Agents: An interview with Michael Alcock

Meet the Agents: An interview with Michael Alcock

Michael Alcock, literary agent

Michael Alcock, literary agent

 Michael Alcock began his publishing career at Oxford University Press, and was publishing director at Macmillan, Aurum Press and Boxtree before founding his own literary agency in 1997.  Michael Alcock Management merged with John Johnson Authors’ Agents in 2003 to form Johnson & Alcock. The Johnson and Alcock agency home page is here, Michael’s Agent Hunter page is here and his agency bio can be found here.

What books/authors do you love in literary/historical/book group fiction? Examples and reasons, please!

What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt

HHHH by Laurence Binet

Dominion by C J Sansom

The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant

Q. How about sci-fi/horror/fantasy/paranormal/YA dystopian/erotic? What would you be interested in, and what’s a big no?

A few favourites are:
High Rise by J G Ballard

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Q. On the non-fiction side, are there particular areas that interest you? Does your non-fiction list have a particular slant to it?

Bigger history, all periods and especially 20th C for the general reader

Documentary and current affairs

Rural and wild natural history

Memoir and biography

Health and popular psychology


Performing arts


Q. What (very roughly) is the balance of your list between literary fiction / commercial fiction / non-fiction?

90% non-fiction, 10% fiction

Q. What’s your biggest turn-off in a covering letter? What would you really hope to see?

The word “peruse”.

I look for a brief and spirited (but unhyperbolic) encapsulation of the context and arc of the work, and its probable kind of reader.







Q. Would you take on an author who had self-published? What kind of self-pub sales would make you sit up?

Large followings, reviews and sales that are still building.


Q. What single piece of advice would you most want to give writers?

Pare away the unnecessary and let the narrative flow!


Q. How many submissions do you see annually? And how many of those submissions will end up on your list?

Very few of the many.


Q. Do you look for social media and online presence? Do you care?

Yes, if they are used intelligently to build interest in the author’s work or mission

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