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The Ultimate Juliet Mushens Novel

The Ultimate Juliet Mushens Novel

Ask some agents what kind of books they want, and they’ll say, “Oh, you know, books that are well-written with a strong story and an interesting and original voice.” That is: they want good books.

Juliet Mushens of course wants the exact same thing, but she can also be amazingly specific in her loves. (Her AH page is here, her website here.) So specific, indeed, that I think it must be possible to create the Ultimate Juliet Mushens Novel – and we’d love to challenge you to come up with it. Juliet is on the record as adoring:

  • Twins. She already represents 5 books that feature twins.
  • Child killers. That is children who kill, not boring serial killers who target kids.
  • Psychiatric hospitals.
  • The Victorian era.
  • Sharks. Proper ones, with fins and teeth.
  • Unresolved sexual tension.
  • Unreliable narrators. (Or so she says …)
  • Haunted houses.
  • Cases of mistaken identity.
  • Very dark humour

Folks, we want to give Juliet what she wants: not just part of it, but the whole damn shopping list in one magnificent manuscript.

Either that novel exists already, or we’re going to build it for her. Either sketch your draft novel in the comments below or, better still, Tweet your Ultimate Juliet Mushens Novel with the hashtag #UJMN.

This woman did great things for James Oswald and Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist – but just think what she could do if only she had the right material. Let’s get working, people …

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  • Mark Clementson

    Deeply-disturbed, incestuous twin great whites slip through a portal to Dickensian London. One dies in the process. Was he murdered by his own kin? His ghost is a dead ringer for Charles Darwin, possibly.